Fence Installation Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Fence Installation Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Fence Installation Mistakes You Don't Want to Make


When it comes to securing and enhancing the beauty of your property, installing a fence is a popular and practical solution. However, the process is laden with potential pitfalls that can affect not only the look and durability of your fence but also your wallet and legal standing. As top fencing contractors in Jacksonville, FL, Masters Quality Fence is here to guide you through common fence installation mistakes so you can avoid them.


Choosing the Wrong Materials

Before diving into the actual installation, the first major decision to make is selecting the appropriate materials for your fence. One significant mistake is underestimating the Florida climate; wood that isn't treated for moisture resistance can decay rapidly, while some metals might rust if not properly coated. Always discuss material options with your fencing contractor and consider long-term weathering and maintenance.

Improper Planning

Planning encompasses understanding your property lines, accounting for local zoning laws and building codes, and considering underground utilities. In Jacksonville, FL, failing to consider these can result in fines, required removal of the improperly installed fence, or damage to utility lines—with hefty penalties. Your contractor should assist with or handle necessary permits and surveys before beginning the project.

Forgoing Professional Help

It might be tempting to save money with a DIY approach to fence installation, but this is often a mistake. Specialists like the fencing contractors in Jacksonville, FL provide expertise that goes beyond mere installation. They offer invaluable advice on design, placement, and ensure the durability of your fence.

Skimping on Quality

Cutting costs is appealing, but skimping on quality can lead to more expenses down the line. Fence repairs and replacements can rack up significant costs, far outweighing initial investments in high-quality materials and professional installation.

Ignoring Aesthetics

While the functional aspect of a fence is certainly important, aesthetics should not be overlooked. A fence serves as an extension of your home and contributes to curb appeal. It's essential to choose a style and color that complements your home, which can also affect property value.

Failing to Consider Wildlife and Vegetation

In Northeast Florida, wildlife and vegetation can impact your fence. Intrusive roots can disrupt the stability of your fence posts over time, while local wildlife such as deer can cause damage if the fence isn't appropriately designed to deter them.

Overlooking the Gates

Gates are a critical component of your fencing system, and failing to properly plan for them is a common error. It's vital to consider their width for accommodating vehicle access if needed, choosing the right type of gate for the intended use, and positioning them in convenient locations.

Inadequate Post Setting

Incorrectly set posts are a leading cause of fence failure. The depth and width at which posts are set, along with the concrete anchoring, are crucial. They need to withstand Jacksonville’s wet season and remain firm against strong winds.

Disregarding Future Maintenance

Maintenance is a long-term part of owning a fence. Opt for materials that suit your commitment to upkeep and follow installation procedures that can ease future maintenance.

Forgetting About Customization

Customization isn't merely an aesthetic choice; it ensures that your fence meets your specific needs. Fencing contractors can cater to the unique style of your home and personal preferences.


If you’re in Jacksonville, FL, and you’re looking to avoid these costly and frustrating fence installation mistakes, contact Masters Quality Fence for a free quote. Our expertise and commitment to quality workmanship means you get a beautiful, lasting fence that adds value and security to your home.


Installing a fence is a significant investment that will impact the aesthetics, privacy, and security of your property. Steer clear of these common mistakes by working with seasoned fencing contractors in Jacksonville, FL, ensuring that your fence stands the test of time and elements. Contact Masters Quality Fence today, and take the first step toward a faultless fence installation.

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