4 Signs Your Metal Fence Should Be Repaired or Replaced

4 Signs Your Metal Fence Should Be Repaired or Replaced

4 Signs Your Metal Fence Should Be Repaired or Replaced

Metal fence materials are among the most popular materials on the market, as they offer durable and attractive options. When you have a metal fence, you need to understand how to care for it properly. This depends on whether you have aluminum, steel, or iron, as these are the most common metals used for fencing, and they all require specific care instructions over their lifespan. As a contractor that specializes in fence repair in Jacksonville, we work closely with our clients to maintain and care for fences over time. These are a few signs that your metal fence may need to be repaired or replaced.

You Notice Structural Damage

No matter how much preventative maintenance and upkeep you perform, you may still suffer from structural damage to your fence. This accidental type of damage can be caused by weather, such as wind or rain, that brings trees down on your fence. Flooding can also loosen the foundation of your fence, causing tilted posts or uneven appearances. When you notice these issues, you will want to repair that section of your fence quickly.

You Spot Rust

Metal is subject to rusting over time. Although most fences will be coated with a rust-resistant protective layer, rust can still occur, especially as the fence ages. When you notice rust spots, you need to quickly identify the problem and find a solution. If you leave your fence exposed to rust, it will spread and cause the material to crumble. Rust that occurs along the joints can result in corroded or weakened materials that pose hazards to the overall structural integrity of your fence.

You Have Exposed Fasteners

Metal fences are constructed using fasteners to keep all of the pieces together. These fasteners offer stability that keeps the fence structurally sound and sturdy. When these nails or screws start to pop out of your fence, rust, or are no longer holding the fence together securely, you will need to replace these issues immediately. Leaving this issue to persist can result in a weakened fence that can eventually collapse.

You Have Bent or Sagging Fence Posts or Rails

Metal is extremely durable, and it should not bend or sag over time. However, if you notice these issues, you likely need to make a speedy repair before it persists. If you have a sagging or bent fence post, you have likely suffered severe damage to your fence. To prevent them from weakening the entire section of your fence or causing eventual collapse, you should repair these particular posts. As the post continues to sag or lean, it will bring other nearby areas down with it.

By recognizing the signs that your fence needs the attention of professional fencing contractors, you can make sure that you get the right fence repair in Jacksonville. If you have noticed any disrepair or issues with your fence, contact the experienced team at Masters Quality Fence to get an evaluation today.

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