Selecting the Best Fence for Your Property

Selecting the Best Fence for Your Property

Selecting the Best Fence for Your Property

Installing a fence around your property can provide instant solitude and a feeling of security for kids and pets. Fences can also deliver beauty, personality, and value to your residence. But before investing in a fence, fencing contractors in Jacksonville remind us that it is essential to consider several factors and the available options.

Elements to Consider Before Selecting the Right Fence

There are multiple factors to evaluate before choosing the best fence for your demands, including:

What objective will the proper fence serve?

Most homeowners usually have a clear reason guiding their decision to establish a new fence. Some of these include:

  • Privacy: Leaning on how much solitude you desire, a fence can provide total or partial protection from the outdoor world.
  • Security: Kids and pets can be safely confined in an enclosure, and strangers can be kept out to a particular extent.
  • Appearance: A properly installed fence can dramatically modify your property's appearance, add substantial value, and enhance curb appeal.

What is your taste?

There are many options in materials and types of fences. One of the first things to do is look around your community and surrounding areas and take note of the type and impression of barriers that appeal to your taste. Considering the primary architectural tone of your house and landscaping will help you make the best choice.

What is your budget?

The most affordable fence to install is not consistently the most frugal in the long run. Evaluating factors like maintenance and building costs will determine the approximate cost of a border over its lifetime.

Basic Options in Fence Materials

No matter your tastes, your motives for installing a fence, or the style you prefer, there are some basic materials employed to build fences:


For the homeowner who favors a more natural look, wood offers the chance to quickly and easily establish a fence with a look that you can change periodically by changing your paint or stain color.


  • Gorgeous, natural look
  • Inexpensive
  • Straightforward to install


Chain link fences are often used for commercial properties. However, it is a highly affordable and popular option for homeowners who prefer to keep pets secure and safe. Several chain link fence varieties are available, from the basic galvanized kind to a vinyl-coated style in several colors.

Also available are vinyl slats inserted into the body of the border, providing extra privacy. Without these vinyl privacy slats, a chain link fence is a beautiful way to execute a fenced-in yard and maintain an open, airy space around your property.


  • Thrifty
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Pet Protection
  • Graffiti Resistant

PVC or Vinyl

As you might have already witnessed, vinyl fences are popping up across the country. This is the quickest growing and most popular choice in fences by homeowners across the nation.

While not the least costly alternative, Vinyl fences deliver homeowners a virtually maintenance-free border with extended guarantees. The product is also lovely and creates a more expansive feeling for your property line.


  • Practically maintenance-free.
  • Never requires painting.
  • Does not deteriorate or rust.
  • Robust and flexible.

Selecting the right fence requires careful consideration. Call our fencing contractors in Jacksonville for assistance today.

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