Fence Inspection Checklist for Spring

Fence Inspection Checklist for Spring

Fence Inspection Checklist for Spring

Spring weather has finally arrived for Floridians. The warmer weather conditions make now the perfect time for inspecting your property for cold weather effects, including your property’s fencing. Because we rarely experience snow and ice accumulation, many Florida property owners tend to overlook fencing maintenance until a severe, often preventable problem occurs with their fencing.

With this in mind, fencing contractors in Jacksonville are here to remind you of the importance of fence care and offer a springtime checklist for all of your fencing maintenance and repair needs. With your fence in functional condition, you can safely start the spring season. The most common issues that arise with fencing due to cooler weather often involve material and structural damage.

Inspect fence post structures

It is essential to ensure that your fence post structures are secure and sturdy. During significant temperature fluctuations, the weight of debris and heavy precipitation can affect your fence post’s structural integrity. Whether the issues are caused by the loosening of the surrounding earth or due to the fencing materials themselves, when left unaddressed, the fierce winds that come with spring can cause your fencing to fall over unexpectedly. Our fencing professionals can repair virtually every type of fencing material for split rail, gate fencing, ornamental, and other fencing types. It is vital to ensure that your posts and fencing materials are sound, regardless of your barrier type.

Check vinyl fences for loose fasteners

If you are the proud owner of vinyl fencing, it is crucial to check the expanse of your fence for any fasteners that may have come loose. You can quickly tighten the fasteners, but if you fail to notice the problem in time, you may be left with fencing sections on the ground. While you are checking out the fasteners, you might inspect your vinyl fencing for any stains from dirt and grime. If you find soiled areas, they can usually be washed away with the spray from your garden hose. However, if you have any areas that do not come clean with a quick wash, a brisk scrub with dish soap and a soft-bristled brush or sponge should leave the area looking as good as new.

Look for deterioration

Inspect the base of your fencing structure where moisture, insects, and other elements can fester for any visible deterioration. When fencing material deterioration is present, your border is no longer structurally sound or fully intact. Unaddressed deterioration can lead to safety, structural, material, and other problems that are usually preventable with regular fencing maintenance. Contact your fencing contractors in Jacksonville to maintain and repair your border at the first sign of deterioration to prevent more costly repairs or replacements.

Whether you require replacement, repairs, or fencing maintenance, we are ready and waiting to address all of your springtime fencing needs. Our experience and expertise have placed us at the top of the local fence industry. Our laser focus on customer satisfaction and excellence in customer service make it easy for us to exceed your expectations with every service we provide. Call Masters Fence Contracting for all of your commercial and residential fencing needs.

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