Could a Picket Fence be Best for Your Home?

Could a Picket Fence be Best for Your Home?

Could a Picket Fence be Best for Your Home?

A picket fence is one of the most popular options available for American homeowners today. Picket fences are a style of fence typically used decoratively for household peripheries. They feature evenly-spaced standing boards or pickets that are connected to horizontal rails and make lovely additions to any residential property.


Contemporary picket fencing materials such as vinyl provide strong barriers. Vinyl picket fences resist elements better than wood ones. These materials are also created to withstand the damaging effects of UV rays from the sun. Additionally, vinyl-made picket fences have few maintenance needs because vinyl is a water-resistant material.

Straightforward Installation

An exceptional benefit of white picket fencing is its uncomplicated installation process. During the installation, you can merge standard-size pickets and ready-made fittings to accomplish a stylish fence. Besides, its straightforward construction method allows for easy accessorizing and personalization.


With technical innovations, modern fencing materials like vinyl are growing increasingly more accessible to the wallet. As a result, a three-foot-high picket fence is far more inexpensive to establish than some other functional options out there. Moreover, picket fences are usually not influenced by weather elements, and their low-cost, accessible maintenance features save you on costs in the long run.

Property Value Addition

A fence is one of the foremost things that guests and visitors that are approaching your property notice. A stylish, well-maintained picket fence enhances your home's curb appeal and adds worth to the entire property. Additionally, the contemporary alternatives in styling indicate that a higher picket fence can also double up as a privacy fence to stop cyclists and pedestrians from taking shortcuts through your yard.

Picket Fences Are Customizable

Picket fencing is adaptable and can be customized to complete the aesthetic of any house, and with materials like metal, vinyl, wood, and PVC, the configuration possibilities are endless! Whether you select a traditional white picket fence or something more stylish, adding a beautiful picket fence will boost your home's market value and curb appeal.

Picket Fencing Provides Security

Aside from versatility, another advantage of picket fences is they supply security without appearing unfriendly or aggressive. You can also appreciate the security of your barrier without blocking your view. A typical picket fence normally has a 2 ½ inch gap making it an ideal option for households with larger dog breeds.

Ready to Get Started?

When customers come to our company for installation or fencing repair in Jacksonville, we attend to their residential or commercial picket fence needs. They can always be sure they're receiving the best quality products and service backed up by a professional reputation of customer satisfaction. We aim to provide every customer with a pleasant and successful experience at a reasonable cost. Contact us today to discover more about our services and schedule your free estimate for installation or fencing repair in Jacksonville!

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