Commercial Fencing Terms Every Business Proprietor Should Recognize

Commercial Fencing Terms Every Business Proprietor Should Recognize

Commercial Fencing Terms Every Business Proprietor Should Recognize

You hope to install a fence on your land but don't understand the specialized terms. Our fencing contractors in Jacksonville are here to assist with words you need to comprehend.

As with most acquisitions, the more you learn about commercial fencing, the easier it is to choose the proper barrier. Few customers, however, have the opportunity to discover even basic fencing terms, making it difficult to evaluate their choices. The following guide to boundary-building language will authorize you to make the most appropriate safety determinations for your business:

Gate Frame

The posts on the sides of a gate complete the frame. Its frame can also include a bottom post welded to the side posts.


The fence gauge refers to the thickness of the materials employed in the border. Perfect gauges vary by the border type and the sort of metal used. Aluminum posts, for example, should include a four-by-four-inch gauge, while steel posts demand six-by-six inches.


This refers to the space separating the border panel's lowest part and the ground. It affects how deeply the posts must be planted in the ground and the kinds of solid surfaces they can connect to.


Posts are big, vertical structures placed at regular intervals along a fence. They can be rectangular or rounded, delivering a solid base against which the rest of the elements are stabilized. Most barriers are either bolted to a sturdy surface on the ground, or their lower sections are planted in concrete.


Fence brackets connect fence rail ends to the closest posts. They are only vital for iron fencing.


Fence rails are the substantial horizontal rods that connect to the pickets. They are needed to stabilize the pickets and hold them in place.


Finial tips are decorative elements attached to the top of the pickets, which usually resemble the head of a harpoon. They are not essential to the border, and some factories do not include them. Nonetheless, most do so to supply the border with an attractive, recognizable appearance.

Post Caps

Just like finial tips adorn the tops of pickets, post caps adorn fence posts. But, unlike finials, caps also offer a non-decorative function; they prevent debris and water from accumulating along the fence. Caps can have either ball or flat shapes.


On ornamental barriers and others with a similar structure, pickets are solid vertical bars rising from the ground to the top of the border. They are typically constructed from iron or aluminum and are either tightened or fused to the rest of the frame.

It's lovely to be informed about fence-building language, but there is no demand for you to be a connoisseur when we are on your squad. Our fencing contractors in Jacksonville are determined to supply you with all the wisdom you require to choose fencing to defend your property. To learn more about commercial fencing in Florida, call us today.

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