4 Signs You May Need a Fence Replacement

4 Signs You May Need a Fence Replacement

4 Signs You May Need a Fence Replacement

Old fencing can be unstable and unsightly. When a fence reaches a certain age, it can be impossible to maintain and repair it to its previous level of function. The life of a fence will depend on several factors, including the quality of its initial installation, the materials it is made of, the weather conditions in the area, the frequency of care and maintenance, etc. Fence replacement can be costly, so it is essential to contact a professional when you notice issues with your barrier to avoid complete replacement when possible. Fence companies in Jacksonville offer these signs that you may require a fence replacement:

Loose support structure

It is usually a sign that your fencing is under stress when it moves too freely. In many cases, a high movement level indicates that fence posts are too loose or have experienced damage. Depending on weather conditions in your area, a problem like this can leave your fencing uprooted from the ground overnight. If you notice a high level of motion in your fencing, it is critical to inspect your fence posts for damages or looseness. This issue does not always lead to the need for total replacement, but the longer you wait to address the problem, the more likely you will have to pay for barrier replacement. Contact a fencing contractor to mitigate the situation and determine whether you need to reinforce fence posts, complete repairs to make your fencing more stable, or replace the border completely.

Water damages

When the supporting structure of your fence incurs severe water damage, it may shift and cause parts of the barrier to collapse or become loose. When left unaddressed for long periods, a problem like this may lead to the need for total replacement. Therefore, it is vital to contact a professional to inspect the water damage to determine whether it can be fixed with repairs to the damaged areas or whether the entire border needs to be replaced. The sooner you have someone examine the water-damaged regions, the better chance you will need repairs instead of replacement.

Fence rot and mold

As your fencing ages, it can become more susceptible to mold and rotting, especially without continued maintenance services. In addition, neglected and aged fences can be broken down slowly by outside elements and cause significant structural damage. This possibility makes it crucial to contact an expert as soon as you notice mold beyond the surface that has begun rotting your border materials. Depending on the extent of the rotting, you may be able to replace sections of the border and avoid a complete replacement. Still, if a fence is decades old or neglected for long periods, it will likely need to be replaced altogether.

Crossbeam movement

If the crossbeams of your fencing are out of alignment, this is a sign that something else in the structure has experienced shifting. Depending on the age and condition of your barrier, the structural problem may simply need repairs. However, if your fencing has been neglected or has lived past its prime, replacement may be necessary. Do not delay seeking professional advice for cross beam movement to avoid the possibility of unnecessary costly repairs or replacement.

These are just a few indications that your fencing may need replacement. Fence companies in Jacksonville can help you determine the best course of action to keep your barrier functional. Contact Masters Fencing Contractors today for your commercial and residential border needs.

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